An Education Without Boundaries

An Education Without Boundaries


A Learning Experience Without Geographical Limitations

At Marist, students receive an outstanding education without any limitations of location. They can avail themselves of opportunities at our main campus and facilities in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley, our proximity to New York City, our campus in Florence, Italy, and any number of our convenient online courses and programs of study. With so many enriching academic and cultural experiences available to them, Marist students are limited only by their imaginations.

The Hudson River Valley

Marist's main campus is located in Poughkeepsie, NY, right along the majestic Hudson River. The Hudson Valley was recently ranked among the "Best 25 Places to Visit" in 2020 by Forbes, and Marist is proud contributor to the success of the region.

Just over a century ago, the Marist Brothers came to New York's Hudson River Valley to train young men to continue the Brothers' vocation as great educators. Now sectarian, the College aligns itself with the unique and growing spirit of the Hudson Valley – a spirit of kind, proud progress.

The Birthplace of the Renaissance

Located in Florence Italy at the historic intersection of European culture and industry, Marist’s Florence campus was founded to be the international face of the College’s commitment to global education. Partnered with one of the most established and innovative educators in Florence, The Lorenzo d’Medici Institute, Marist has offered study abroad opportunities for more than two decades.

Offering a wide range of Bachelor’s degrees, as well as a Master of Art in Museum Studies, Florence is an ideal location for Marist students to learn by living and experiencing entirely new cultures.

One of the many prides of Marist’s centralized location in the Hudson River Valley is its proximity to New York City. Why not take even further advantage of that proximity by studying directly at the heart of this city of opportunity? The Marist in Manhattan Internship program allows Marist students to intern at a prestigious New York City organization while completing their studies online.

With an immense number of online resources and classes available, Marist students have the opportunity to study with us from any location worldwide. From Professional Studies to Information Systems, from Physical Therapy to Professional Accountancy, Marist offers a wide variety of degree programs and certificates online. With three of our online programs ranked in US News and World Report’s 2019 list of US News and World Report’s 2019 list of “Best Online Education Programs,” including programs for both graduate and adult undergraduate students, students are encouraged to find an online program that suits their needs, regardless of geographic location.

The Raymond A. Rich Institute, housed at the Payne Estate in Esopus, NY, focuses on developing the communication, interpersonal, and social skills necessary to lead complex organizations in a global setting. Marist students have the opportunity to focus on their leadership skills by attending speeches, conferences, and workshops that take place at the estate.

A bequest by one of the 20th century's leading businessmen and industrialists, the Raymond A. Rich Institute for Leadership Development is a program dedicated to educating and training individuals in the art of leadership for careers in business, government, and the nonprofit sector.